Schmidt's Music Rolls

700 Port St, Unit 540
Easton, MD 21601



23  Note

PianoLodeon Player Roll  (6 3/4" inches wide)

Roll, spool and box                  $20.00

Roll without spool or box          $ 8.00

Individual spools                      $10.00
Individual box with song title    $ 3.00

Shipping:  one to four rolls        $6.00

five to eight rolls            $8.00



C-2  Heart of My Heart


E-2  America


E-4  Carolina in the Mornin'


E-7  Melody in F


E-8  Spring Song


E-9  Waltz Medley No. 1

Daisy, Daisy

After the Ball


E-11  Peppermint Twist


P-1  Alexander's ragtime Band


P-6 Sweet Sue