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Rolmonica Music Rolls

Last update Mayt 2015

Rolmonica 12 Note Roll 3.25 inches wide

Roll, spool and box  $16.00

Roll and spool    $12.00

Individual spools  $5.00

Individual boxes  $4.00

Shipping:   one to eight rolls  $6.00

nine to twelve rolls   $8.00

S-201  Home, Sweet Home

S-203  Kentucky Home

S-210  Endearing Young Charms

S-221  Over the Waves

S-227  Massa's in The Cold, Cold Ground

S-231  Auc du Leiber Augustin

R-232  Among My Souvenirs

R-233  There Must Be a Silver Lining

S-237  Loves Old Sweet Song

S-240  Where the River Shannon Flows

S-244  Perfect Day

S-246   Mighty Lak' a Rose

S-251  Too Much Mustard

S-254  Wearing of the Green

S-255  Madelon

R-256  Constantinople

R-261  When Irish Eyes are Smiling

R-266  In the Evening

R-269  That's My Weakness Now

R-274  Jeannine, I Dream of Lilac Time

R-276  Old Man River

R-277  Chiquita

R-278  Where in the World Is There Someone For Me

R-292  Out of the Dawn

R-295  That's My Mammy

R-298  Too Busy

R-307  Happy Days and Lonely Nights

R-308  U.S. Field Artillery March

R-309  High Up On a Hilltop

R-315  She's Funny that Way

R-317  That's Her Now

R-319  Withered Roses

R-321  Carolina Moon

R-326  I Faw Down And Go Boom

R-331  My Mother's Eyes

R-340  Thinking of You

R-341  Wear a Hat with a Silver lining
R-342  Paradise

R-344  Little Irish Rose

R-363  Plodding Along

R-368  To Make A long Story Short

R-380  Make Believe

R-388  She's got Great Ideas
R-394  The Lonesome Road

R-396  The Song of Songs

R-397  LaPaloma

R-400  A Garden in the Rain

R-411  I Got a "Code" in My "Doze"

R-413  Sunbonnet Days

R-434  I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling

R-435  I'll Always be in Love with You

R-437   Love Me

R-442  School Days

R-445  What A Day!

R-446  Pagan Love Song

R-451  Deep in the Arms of Love

R-453  Big City Blues

R-456  S'Posin

R-465  Then We Canoe-dle oodle Along

R-471  By the Way
R-487  Love Me

R-496  After all that I have been to You

R-506  Same Old Moon

R-507  Huggable, Kissable You

R-508  Climbing the Stairs (Into your heart)

R-511  A Breath of Springtime
R-519  Song of te Great Alone

R-525  A Little Kiss Each Morning

R-527  Lonely Troubadour

R-531  Chant of the Jungle

R-532  Turn on the Heat

R-534  Sunnyside Up

R-539  Have a Little Faith in Me

R-545  Stein Song

R-547  There's Danger in Your Eyes, Cherie

R-550  Roses are For-get-me-nots

R-551  Ro Ro-Rollin' Along

R-552   It Happened in Monterey

R-553   Sweepin' the Clouds Away

R-554   Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

R-556   Swinging in a Hamock

R-568   Just a Little While

R-573   Say a Little Prayer for Me

R-615   Out in the Cold Again