Schmidt's Music Rolls

700 Port St, Unit 540
Easton, MD 21601



Schmidt's Music Rolls has been producing music rolls for antique music boxes since 1979. The price of most music rolls include a deluxe wooden spool.

Additional spools are available at the following prices

Aurephone spool $14.00
Cecilla spool $14.00
Organina Cabineto spool $25.00
Tournaphone and Cabinetto spools $25.00
Most other spools $10.00
Rolls may be ordered without spools by subtracting the spool price.

Rewind cranks for:

Melodia, Musical Casket, and Gately Automatic Organ $ 8.00
Organina Cabineto $ 10.00
Most Note Testing Strips $ 6.00

Storage tubes 2" diameter, Length depends on spool length
With Roll Title on Tube                        $3.00
Without Title                                          $2.50

Shipping and Handling Charges

United States 10% of Total Order
Canada Air 15% of Total Order
Overseas Mail 20% of Total Order
Minimum Shipping Charge $6.00

For Overseas Shipments, Please check for actual rate

Maryland residents should include 6% sales tax.


Send order and check or money order to Schmidt's Music Rolls.

Payment also accepted through PayPal to the account of over the internet. For PayPal payments please also send order via e-mail ( or Postal Service.

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